The name

Mauno’s breeder called him Lumo. For some reason it dit not stick. Mauno had and still has massive paws so he was eventually named after late president of Finland who had big hands.


The gauntlets

The special features of the Birman cat are the white “gloves” and “gauntlets”. The white plantar markings on the hind paws, which end in a point, are called gauntlets. They shall be even on both soles and shall end, if possible, in the centre of the┬ámetatarsal bones.

Since Maukku is a lilac tabby point (a dilute color of blue) his pigmentation developed slowly.

The cone

Maukku had to wear a cone after his castration – he was his normal happy self in two days. Purebred kittens are qualified in three categories: pet, breeding or show quality. Mauno was sold as a pet since he has had issues with his too narrow tear canals all his life; the excessive eye secretion needs to be removed on daily basis. Thankfully it does not bother Mauno at all.

The sunshine

He was so light to carry back then. Maukku is newer allowed to walk out of the front door – I always carry him out so he would not get any escape ideas. However, he walks back home and into our apartment on his own little paws so incase he ever flees he knows his way back home.

The Catmax

Mauno got a cat tree. It had to be robust, compact and pretty enough. But most of all robust. We ended up with Catmax that is known to last from cat generation to another. Also always a pleasure to support a Finnish small business. Mauno was extremely happy and spends a lot of time up on on his post.